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Wholesale clothing distributors purchase cloth, apparel, trimmings, home furnishing and accessories from manufacturers in large lots and resell them in smaller lots to retailers. Wholesale distributors regularly work from warehouses or offices with no display of their merchandise. They interact with their customers straight through salespeople, over the phone and using the Internet.

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Company Max

Wholesale clothing distributors sell either imported goods or locally man-made goods or both. The clothes may contain readymade apparel or cloth material. The goods range not only includes garments for men, women, boys, girls and infants, but also includes accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves as well as some home furnishings. The business is tightly integrated and many distributors often manufacture the goods themselves or get it ageement man-made from low cost locations such as China. This is because of the seasonal nature of the industry. There are also wholesalers who act purely as a jobber from manufacturers to retailers. Their customers contain retailers and online merchants

There are basically three categories of customers in the clothing industry. They are upper, middle and budget sectors with the budget sectors accounting for the largest chunk. ordinarily wholesale clothing distributors do not specialize in a single goods or products for a definite class of customers since specialization has not been a major trend in this industry. However, some wholesale distributors focus on sub segments such as women's clothing, children's clothing or accessories.

The traditional distinctions between clothing manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Some large retailers are bypassing the wholesale distributors and are dealing with manufacturers directly. This is often done by setting up a subsidiary enterprise that handles the purchasing and wholesaling activities for the retailer. On the other hand, some large whole sale distributors are venturing into sell by setting up their own sell outlets. The business is dynamic and distribution systems are looking improvements. Internet-based wholesale clothing distribution is also growing rapidly.

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